About Jon

Jon Christensen Group Photos

Jon Christensen is a fifth generation Riverside County resident who has dedicated his career to protecting the interests of taxpayers and ensuring county government is financially responsible.

He brings his 26 years of professional money management experience to serve Riverside County and the taxpayers that call it home. His goal as fiduciary is keeping Riverside County finances safe.

As Treasurer-Tax Collector, Jon leads over 100 employees, processes over $14 billion annually, and manages an investment fund worth more than $7 billion. His number one priority has been preserving capital so that Riverside County residents can enjoy the high level of service they deserve.

Before joining the Treasurer-Tax Collector’s office, Jon worked as an Associate Vice President of Investments at Morgan Stanley and as an Investment Advisor with A.G. Edwards. Knowing that his private sector experience could help save taxpayer dollars, Jon joined the department as Chief Deputy Treasurer-Tax Collector in 2002 to run the County’s investment pool that has grown by billions of dollars under his leadership.

Throughout his years at the county, Jon has consistently proven that his steady handed leadership serves taxpayers well. After serving 16 years as Chief Deputy, Sr. Chief Deputy and finally as the Assistant Department head, the Board of Supervisors unanimously appointed Jon to serve as Riverside County Treasurer-Tax Collector in August, 2017.

Jon’s record in county finance includes navigating Riverside through the global financial crisis and recession, and maintaining Riverside County’s AAA bond rating, the highest possible, with both Moody’s and Fitch.

In addition to his role as Treasurer-Tax Collector, Jon serves on the County of Riverside Investment Oversight Committee, the County of Riverside Pension Advisory Review Committee, the County of Riverside Debt Advisory Committee, the County of Riverside Deferred Compensation Committee, and the California Association of County Treasurers & Tax Collectors. Furthermore, Jon serves as the ex-officio Treasurer for all school and community college districts in Riverside County.

Jon also serves as a County parks and Fish and Game Commissioner with the County parks and open space district. He has always had a passion for the outdoors and open space.

Jon holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and served in both the U.S. Army and National Guard. Jon has been married for 28 years, having two children and one grandchild.